That's the threat from the narcos in Tijuana who busted into a detox center, lined 13 patients against the wall, and shot them. Police found over 150 shell casings at the scene.

They weren't looking for anyone in particular—they were just taking their pound of flesh in exchange for the 135 tons of marijuana seized and burned by authorities the other day. Minutes after the detox-center murders, the narcos jumped onto the city's police-radio frequency and said: "This is just the beginning. We will execute 135 people for the 134 tons of marijuana you have taken from us."

Two things.

First, this is in Tijuana, the city President Calderon holds up as an example of victory in the drug war. The Tijuana that the New York Times announced was being "reclaimed" by its citizens after the arrest of narco-capitalist Teodoro ("El Teo") García Simental. If the narcos make good on their promise, Tijuana could quickly become the most terrorized city on the continent.

Second, all this killing is over pot. Advocates of California's prop 19 have claimed that legalizing pot would make a significant dent in the narco-profits and killings. Critics of prop 19 (and a few supporters) have said this isn't so, that cocaine and heroin and meth are the source of the business and violence, not pot. It's impossible to know, really, because our estimates about production and smuggling are jiggered for political reasons and unverifiable anyway.

But this example shows us that pot, at any rate, is valuable to the narcos.