I Love This Man


He has a very good point about that new sign. That is UG-LY. And Jesus, charging $15,000 to design something a graphic design student would be embarrassed of? Awful.

Maybe the last week of playing Fallout New Vegas has colored my opinion a bit (what with all its 50s-inspired design aspects), but I agree with him that the original sign is worlds better than the flat orange monstrosity that will replace it.
Man I love watching people care about shit.
Aaron Draplin is a righteous dude. Not to be fucked with. Ever.
While I agree with Jess Draplin that America is fucked (design and/or otherwise) it's all about historical context. Sixty years on we look back lovingly at googie signage, plastic key chains, hand drawn type, and mid century design. I am sure that at the time most of it was looked at with derision as derivitive, copycat garbage. The entrepreneurs that built the motel, and bought the signage were all to happy to ride the wave of popular trends of the time, not for any high minded design ethic, but simply because it was the accepted design motif for motel design and American road culture. For all of Jess' passion about design integrity, the Russian family that bought the motel are doing the exact same thing. They couldn't give a shit about design, typefaces, and preserving American roadside culture. That sign is old fashioned. Tearing it down and replacing it with that orange horror is merely putting their stamp on the American dream. Unfortunately, sixty years hence someone will be passionate about Blippo, gradients, and those elegantly, spare bird drawings.

Other than that I totally agree with the sentiment. We are fucked.
You had me at Letraset, Design Curmudgeon.

Did that guy get lost on his way to being in a Michael Moore film?
I love the logo Draplin did for The Understanding Campaign.

Also good: The Understanding Campaign.