This has been circling the usual internet crazy sites lately, and now it's finally made the conspiracy big time that is Disinformation. Apparently, in the new DVD release of Charlie Chaplin's 1928 The Circus, you can "clearly" see a female extra walking by talking into a cell phone. Here's the video:

The YouTube comments would be hilarious, if so many of them didn't seem to be serious:

I bet anything that "woman" is really Nikola Tesla if you pause the video at 3:35 you clearly see he/she is holding a black box to her face. The nose, chin & right cheekbone look to be that of Tesla when he was in his 60's.

Tesla was also a huge Chaplin fan!

Nikola Tesla Predicted the Cell Phone in 1909.

Also the person who first thought of the concept we now call the "internet ("world system") was yup you guessed it, Nikola Tesla.

It's a conspiracy, you guys! Someone tie it in to 9/11, quick!