A few moments ago the SECB spotted Dave Reichert and his controversial head—a head that may or may not contain a functioning brain—being quickly ushered through the lobby of the Bellevue Hilton by a small group of potentially-brainless-GOP-incumbent handlers.

"How are you feeling?" the SECB yelled at Reichert.

"Positive," said Reichert.

Reichert's scrum of handlers hurried the candidate down a hallway toward a private conference room. The SECB followed Reichert. A youthful looking Reichert handler/aide/nurse emerged from the conference room and started pushing—gently pushing—the SECB back down the hall. Here's the photographic evidence:


And here's what happened next:

"Are you pushing me?" the SECB asked.

"No," said the handler, who then stopped pushing.

"How's Dave's head?" asked the SECB.

Reichert's handler looked sad and flummoxed and the SECB felt bad about asking. Then a more mature Reichert handler/aide/nurse emerged from the conference room. This older Reichert handler/aide/nurse told the SECB to get out of the hallway.

"We're not allowed to stand in the hallway?" the SECB asked.

"Yes, you can," said the older handler/aide/nurse.

"How's Dave's head?" the SECB asked again.

The second handler looked dismayed and again asked the SECB to leave the hallway. Again the SECB asked, "We're not allowed to stand in the hallway?" Again the older handler/aide/nurse admitted that the SECB wasn't breaking the rules by standing in the hallway. But by now the young Reichert handler and the old Reichert handler looked so sad that the SECB started to feel bad and slunk away.