SECB tipper Gnossos just called to say that there was a ballot-box operation underway outside the King County Administration Building on 4th Avenue and James Street. Nobody in a mob of about 50 people could cram another ballot into the box, until a random county employee began "beating on the box, lifting it up and down, and shaking it," the tipper says. The man, whose pro-democracy heroics freed up a little more room, told the SECB tipper that the box would "jam up again probably in another hour and a half."

Similarly, when the SECB went to vote this afternoon at a King County ballot drop box in the University District, it was already jammed full and a crowd of people was trying to figure out how to stuff even more ballots inside. With help from a Four Loko and a spare shoehorn, we managed to barely cram in one more. At that point, the voting box's throat apparatus—like a mail box—was so full it was barfing up votes.

This is either a great sign for voter turnout of a grim sign that the electorate is too poor to buy stamps.