Here's the agenda:


If you don't have your own private stash of Four Loco (pried from the half-drunk hands of babes), mix up a pitcher—coffee, beer, Pedialyte, gin! gin! gin! and a pack of breath mints—and watch the election returns on Slog tonight with the Stranger Election Control Board. We're dispatching writers intoxicated, chittering squirrels to all the parties, even the hinterlands of deepest Bellevue. Maybe one of us will drink a boilermaker with Dino Rossi. Maybe one of us will end up rabid.

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There's still time to get your ballot postmarked before you settle in to wait for the results. Will Patty beat Dino? Will bourbon beat beer? Will soda smack the shit out of the state budget? Don't forget to check out our cheat sheet. Maybe peruse today's primer on ballot counting in King County, specifically what it could have in store for the Senate contest. Practice your voting skills in our election night party poll.

Then get ready to bask in LCD glow and lift a pitcher in solidarity as you wait for updates from the SECB. It will only be a few hours until East Coast polls start closing and we will learn—at last!—whether the Senate will have its first-ever anti-masturbation, ex-witch, born-again virgin junior senator from Delaware.