When we went to sleep last night, Senator Patty Murray was leading Dino Rossi, 50.48 percent to 49.52 percent—with roughly a 14,000 vote spread between them.

Now that King County (and several other counties) have counted more ballots today, Murray's moved ahead a tiny bit. She currently leads Rossi 51.03 percent to 48.97 percent—with roughly a 30,565 vote spread between them, double the size of her raw-vote lead last night.

Looks like—assuming this tally holds for the rest of the day—Democrats needn't have been so worried about Rossi taking a momentary lead this evening.

UPDATE 5 p.m.: And... with the addition of more ballots from Spokane County, the race tightens, though Murray's still in the lead: 50.82 percent to 49.18 percent.