My Ballard blog reports that Pearl Jam is auctioning off a sweet Fender Standard Telecaster FSR guitar autographed by band members to benefit the Kotowicz Family Foundation. The foundation was recently established to help out the family of the late Andy Kototwicz, a fixture in the Seattle music community who was tragically killed in a car accident last month. Bidding is already up to $4750 with nearly three weeks left.

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The blog Capitol Hill Seattle shares important info about a recent spate of credit card fraud cases on Capitol Hill. More than 100 such cases have been logged in the past week. Seattle police and the Secret Service are on the case. Never has there been a better time to charge back that embarrassing item on your statement. blog shares the results of restaurant inspections for eateries in the area. The details just about sent me into a market anarchist rage. "Wiping cloths improperly used, stored." "Food worker card not available or current, new food workers not trained." How much are we paying a team of fucking inspectors to write this garbage? Are the wiping cloths in your kitchen stored properly? Do you have a food worker card? Are you dead yet?