We're all supposed to be depressed and hung over on Four Loko and crying in the shower, according to MoveOn, which just sent me this downer: "There's no sugarcoating it. The election results overall are devastating." Hey, it ain't so bad! We have plenty of things to be delighted about.

It's Really, Really Nice Outside: If it were raining, we'd just be drowning in our misery. But it's warm. And when it gets too warm, polar bears can't survive, and polar bears are dangerous.

Murray Is Winning: She even said so: "We are going to win this race."

Antici..... pation! King County Elections won't post more results in significant numbers until tomorrow. Until then, we're capivated in suspense and don't know for sure of Patty's fate.

Ed McKenna Won: We do know that the Seattle Municipal Court is finally free of Edsonya Charles, who would be amazing on a talk show or working as a professional dominatrix or making people feel guilty, but while on the bench, she was incessantly caustic. The best of luck, Edsonya! Congrats, Ed!

The School Levy Passed: That money will go toward children who need Four Loko.

The Liquor Initiatives Failed: Sure, I think I-1100 should have passed (because using scare-tactic canards about kids drinking when the real goal was to protect the market share of Budweiser makes no sense), but there are benefits of I-1100's slim loss. First and foremost, local governments won't take a revenue hit—like Seattle losing $7 million in a year. Rejoice! Toast! And this evening, raise your glass and drink some Four Loko (because the liquor stores will have closed by then).

Dems Are Holding On to the State House and State Senate: This is all true, at least it appears to be true. Some think it might not be. Send good vibes to Democratic state Rep. Roger Goodman, who is trailing by about 700 votes on the Eastside.

Charlie Wiggins May Still Have a Shot: The math could hold out for Charlie Wiggins to beat incumbent polyamorous Nazi impersonator and hypocrite Justice Richard Sanders in the race for the state supreme court. He may not win. But mayyyyyyyybe he could. Look, everyone, it's still sunny!

Joe Fitzgibbon: Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Marijuana Continues to Exist: Voters in California rejected Prop 19, but there's a silver lining. "Prop 19 already can claim one hard victory: Governor Schwarzenegger recently signed into law a bill that will reduce the penalty for marijuana possession from a misdemeanor to a non-arrestable infraction, like a traffic ticket," writes drug-reforming brainiac Ethan Nadelmann. "That's no small matter in a state where arrests for marijuana possession totaled 61,000 last year — roughly triple the number in 1990. It's widely assumed that the principal reason the governor signed the bill, which had been introduced by a liberal state senator, Mark Leno, was to undermine one of the key arguments in favor of Prop 19."