Tonight at 7 pm I'm kicking off another round of Awesome Movies Directed by Women at Central Cinema, to benefit Reel Grrls:


I wrote a column about the first series back in April (read the whole thing here):

Here's what you can expect: Me yelling about something, followed by two hours of movie, and then the opportunity to yell back at me (about feminism, maybe!). The idea here isn't to express amazement that women can direct smart, interesting, financially viable movies—even in traditionally "male" genres like cheesy action films and raunchy stoner-comedies—because of course. Of course. As much as I play around with the concept, no one who's actually met a modern female human can believe that we're all fleshy Cathy homunculi made of Activia lids and tampon strings. (Right?) The point is that it shouldn't be surprising. Women create great, weird, funny, beautiful shit all the time (and I don't just mean babies, you guys!), even though a lot of the world is still a boys' club. This series is about those women, and it's about Reel Grrls, which creates more of those women every day.

Tonight we will be watching/discussing Wayne's World, which is one of my most favorite movies ever of all time. Come for the movie, stay for the post-show hilarity in which I attempt "lead" a "discussion" about that part when Garth dances to Foxy Lady or whatever.

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See you tonight!

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