Some folks have been expecting to the see a massive wave of ballots cast by King County voters, a relatively progressive electorate, weigh in on statewide races this afternoon (see: Murray vs Rossi). But election workers say the drop at 4:30 p.m. will be fairly small.

For context: Last night, King County Elections posted the results of nearly 374,000 ballots. Officials have approximately another 300,000 on hand right now, but spokeswoman Katie Gilliam says only the results of about 45,000 ballots will be posted today. She says it takes a few days to process all the mail-in ballots and they are expecting a much larger drop tomorrow.

County voters are swinging hard in Murray's favor, 62-38 percent, but statewide Murray is leading with only 50.5 percent of the vote.

Initial projections suggested King County voters would cast a record 720,000 ballots this election. Gilliam now says the number, after all the mail-in ballots trickle in, may be even higher.