Schools in small towns and suburbs in red states are where GSAs—gay/straight alliances—are most needed and have the hardest time raising money. So on my birthday last month I asked Sloggers to make a donation to help fund a GSA at a high school in Liberty, Missouri. And, man, did Slog ever come through for the kids at Liberty High. Here's the thank-you note sent to everyone at Slog—except the trolls and haters—from the gay, lesbian, bi, trans, and supportive straight kids at Liberty High School.

Dear Sloggers,

We want to give you a huge thank you for all your kindness and support. You raised over five thousand dollars! That gave us enough to not only fund the GSA at our school, but to fully support the GSA at Liberty North, our new high school. Here you can see us standing in front of our Alliance Spirit Day poster. We ran a very successful anti-bullying campaign where we got most students and staff to wear purple along with signing their name to a purple hand to pledge to end bullying at our school. We also recognized National Coming Out Day by handing out stickers to students that said “Hate Free Zone.” We made a bulletin board recognizing great advocates in the LGBT community. We will be getting teachers to put signs up on their doors that say “Hate Free Zone” to show their support against bullying.

We have many more ideas for anti-bullying campaigns we will do throughout the school year. Also we will be running conferences that promote acceptance. We have a great teacher who used to work for Uni-Town and is fantastic at running conferences such as these. We will do an all GSA one to start and then begin to invite non-GSA members to join us. Along with this, we will do many charity/community service projects so the community can see what great and caring students we have in the GSA. Our first one starts next week and is called Pennies for Playgrounds which will help build an elementary school’s first playground in Kenya.

We cannot begin to thank you enough for allowing us all of these wonderful opportunities. The GSA members now can see how many people out there care for them and that it really does get better. You have forever helped change these students lives, along with the atmosphere at Liberty High School. We will be working for years to come to make Liberty a safe place for all.

Thank You!

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The Alliance: John Barreca (sponsor), Austin Raney, Jen Lawrey, Jessica Newport, Ivana Burciaga, Adresa Tinoco, Melissa Butler, Simone Stewart, Annie Doyle, AJ Airmichael, Kelsey Malon, Sarah Gann, Adam Shockley, Alex Douglas, Dani Marie Sweetwood, Amanda Mailveen, Jessie Trevino, Kim Haggerty, Jordan Corlione, Connor Bishop, Claire C., Tyler Bearce, Ryan Ogle, Shayna Burton, Angie Chaney, Madison Wixon, Renee D. Eikert, Lisa Schradek, Robin Howell, Ashley McGee, & Stephanie Johnson

I want to thank Sloggers too. This was the best birthday present ever.