The Sightline Institute has posted its analysis of the elections. For good and bad on ballot measures, voters weren't having them:

[M]ajorities of voters took the “no” side on most ballot measures.

Arguably the most important from the view of sustainability was California Proposition 23, which would would have suspended the state's pioneering climate law. Voters in the Golden State rejected this backward-looking measure sponsored by Texas oil companies, defeating it by more than 60 percent. Disappointingly, Washington voters rejected a measure that we at Sightline championed: Referendum 52, which would have funded energy upgrades in schools (and also extended a bottled water tax and raised the state debt limit to support the energy upgrades).

They voted “no” to privatizing liquor sales in Washington, “no” to legalizing marijuana in California and Oregon, and “no” to privatizing worker’s compensation insurance in Washington.

More from Sightline on federal races, state races, and the ballot measures that did pass here.