In this weather, you'd be crazy to miss the walk of the art. The lineup is decently hefty, too—not one of those walks-lite where everything is something you saw last time.

Tether kicks off a Seattle/New Orleans show that's part of a larger cultural exchange project called Bilocal; it includes both fine artists (Michael Spafford, Jeffry Mitchell) and designers (like Carlos M. Ruiz, whose work is at right). Curated by longtime Bumbershooter Bob Redmond, it looks promising.

At Grover/Thurston it's Terry Turrell's paintings and sculptures channeling folk traditions, including this one, called Picnic, made this year.


Nidhi Jalans Dinner with a Vulture
  • Nidhi Jalan's Dinner with a Vulture
Man and Beast at SOIL is six artists questioning the human/other-animal relationship (including the claymation Dinner with a Vulture!). At Lawrimore Project, Bert Rodriguez explores the human/art relationship, in his Weeping Monolith—a black minimalist monolith that cries.

Two separate shows bring the outdoors in: At CoCA Pioneer Square (the old Elliott Bay Bookstore space), the sculptures that lived outside at Carkeek Park and Cougar Mountain this summer come into the gallery context; and at SPACE, Allyce Wood and E. Dughi create an immersive "natural" environment including hand-cut paper, digitally created paintings, and live performance.

See all the listings—so many!—with descriptions, links, and pictures, too, at our calendar.

UPDATE: One show I don't want to overlook is Rachel Maxi's paintings at G. Gibson Gallery. She absolutely transforms what she sees, but makes you think she's doing not much at all. It's quite an operation. Here's From Columbia City, 2010.

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And if you haven't seen Noah Davis's show at James Harris yet, this is the last artwalk to check it out.

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