If you're at all like me, you were probably wondering what Glenn Beck would do the day after the Tealections. If you're at all like me, "play with puppets" probably wasn't anywhere near the top of your list. But that's what he did, as an illustration for a totally crazy speech about how Beck was about to unveil the puppet master who is behind America's quick decline. He also warns us that the puppet master won't like having his identity revealed. Due to annoying advertising issues—the ads on the Mediaite player seem to play continuously, which is incredibly obnoxious—I stuck the video after the jump.

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But this video seems to confirm my suspicions: I really don't think Glenn Beck is going to have a long shelf-life. I don't think he can settle, Rush Limbaugh-like, into a nattering voice of complaint that somehow becomes part of the establishment. When hyperbole is your only weapon, you can only use it for so long before it wears down to a nub. This week, Beck somehow managed to raise the stakes from America's Last Stand to The Man Responsible for America's Death. How much longer before he starts outing secret communists?

For the record, that video is much funnier if you go to Inception Button and press it every time Beck finishes a sentence. It gives things the proper ridiculous sense of foreboding he's looking for.

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