Keep the pot brownies out of reach!

Eight students at a south Los Angeles middle school fell ill Thursday after eating what may be drug-laced brownies, school officials said.

And on HuffPo, Rob Kampia (executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project) looks for the silver lining on Tuesday's pot votes:

In fact, a 46% vote in favor of California's Proposition 19 - accompanied by a collection of smaller, less-publicized marijuana-policy-reform victories across the country - is yet another sign of the growing strength of the movement to end marijuana prohibition.

Now, more than ever, I'm confident that we're heading toward eventual victory.

... regardless of its defeat, Prop. 19 may well have done more for legalization efforts than anything that's come before it — not only by generating unprecedented national debate about our marijuana laws, but also by bringing into our movement new allies like labor unions, the NAACP, and black and Latino police associations who understand the failure of our current system. The movement to end prohibition is now stronger than ever because of these new allies, who will stand by our side during future battles.