Last Thursday, 26-year-old Marlon Joe Tramble pleaded guilty to a single pimping-related charge for forcing a pregnant 19-year-old to prostitute herself around south- and northwest cities for a period of nine months.


The teen told officers that she had met Tramble in February 2009 in downtown Seattle, and had become romantically involved with him almost immediately. During their first week together, he suggested she start working as a prostitute and she agreed.

Tramble went on to tell her how much to charge, how many "dates" she was expected to go on a day and what to do with the money, namely pass it all along to him.

The teen was eight months pregnant with Tramble's child when he threatened to slit her throat or sic the mother of one of his other children on her for not making enough money. She, in turn, contacted police to arrest Tramble. He now faces up to 12 years in prison at his sentencing in February.