Well, it's looking like Slade Gorton at least got the weather forecast right, if not the political forecast:

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And I agree with Charles that the 71 percent turnout prediction for King County is stunning. It's a repudiation of the "enthusiasm gap" meme, Seattle edition; proof that Obama still has pull here (remember, he showed up for a huge get-out-the-vote rally right as ballots were arriving, and told people to basically go directly from the rally to the mailbox); and validation that grass roots organizing (not to mention Facebook GOTV harassment) works.

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One quibble with Charles, though. I think this is less about bodies—though on Nov. 2 there were certainly a lot of bodies rushing to the last-minute ballot drop boxes—and more about stamps. Stamps are cheap. They let your body (and your labor) be wherever it needs to be on election day while a stamped envelope goes and votes for you.

In that 71 percent turnout figure, we are seeing the triumph of this simple concept.

King County Council is seeking to hire one or more Senior Legislative Analysts.
To apply & view a complete job announcement go to www.kingcounty.gov/jobs. Closes 4/26/21 at 11:59pm