Murray v. Rossi: The counting continues, with Patty in the lead.

I Hope They Wrote "I Luv Cox" Across His Face with a Sharpie: UW frat members take down serial burglary suspect.

November Rain Sun: Yesterday's weather in Seattle broke records.

DIY Drive-Thru: Woman drives her Volvo into a deli on Lopez Island, while an employee late for his shift crashes into a Denny's in SeaTac.

If Only Tuesday Had Gone Differently...: Feds seize 20 tons of marijuana in California.

Keeping Up with the Joneses: The NYT on the burgeoning trend of neighbor-on-neighbor video surveillance.

Oh Dear God: Atlanta baby in critical condition after being attacked by raccoons.

Meanwhile in Zimbabwe: Camper fatally mauled by lions.

Finally, today marks the birth of American photographer Robert Mapplethorpe (born on this day in 1946) and the death of American musician Fred "Sonic" Smith, who passed away on this day in 1994—which makes for one emotionally loaded day for Patti Smith, best friend of the late Mapplethorpe, devoted wife of the late Smith. In honor of Patti, here's her amazing appareance on the early-'80s show Kids Are People Too.