The latest batch of returns from King County Elections shows that Democratic Rep. Roger Goodman, who trailed his Republican challenger in all previous returns, has just inched ahead to hold an advantage in the 45th District, which stretches from Kirkland to the Cascade Mountains. It's still close in the district populated with small conservative towns—Goodman leading Kevin Haistings by a thin 375 votes—but Goodman has gained ground in every batch of returns since Tuesday. If the trend keeps up (conservatives voting early and counted early and progressive voters weighted to a later count), as appears likely, Goodman will keep his seat.

This is one of those swing districts that some say Democrats should have never won in the first place. And John Wyble, principal of Winpower Strategies, said yesterday, "It's a tough district. It was Republican for years."

If Goodman keeps it, it's bodes well for Dems holding on swing suburban districts—even exurban districts—even in red tides. That said, state senator Eric Oemig of the same district is currently losing his seat to Republican Andy Hill.