Today in Sentences I Am Happy to Type: Dino Rossi concedes to Sen. Patty Murray.

Today in Sentences I Am Not Happy to Type: Grant County, WA woman pleads guilty to raping her children online.

Cuban Plane Crash: A plane reportedly carrying 68 people crashed in central Cuba on Thursday, with no initial reports of survivors.

His Kampf: 88-year-old Bellevue man admits to role in Nazi security unit.

No More Conscientious Objector Pharmacists: Washington State Pharmacy Board to change rules for morning-after pill.

We're Not Crazy About You Either: Iranians stage mass protest against 'Great Satan' US.

Canadian Jackass: Man wearing hilarious old-man mask boards international flight.

World's Greatest People Found in Canada: Married couple in Nova Scotia win $10.9 million lottery, give it away.

Isabella and Alexander: Washington State's most popular baby names.

Today in Blues Euphemisms Come True: House's walls drip with honey.

I Love It. It's Subtle.: Here is the cover of the forthcoming Michael Jackson album.

And finally, happy birthday to Jonny Greenwood, born on this day in 1971. Here's a wonderful song from Radiohead's early years, when they were mere mortals, not mentally ill robots from the future. (And here's my favorite from the mentally ill future robots years, inexplicably set to footage from an old Christian Bale film involving fighter jets.)