What's the book? Sterling's Gold by Roger Sterling.

Why is it useless? It's a collection of "Wit & Wisdom" from a fictional character on the TV show Mad Men. For some reason, some of the quotes are in all caps. Samples of wit and wisdom: "LOOK AT THIS PLACE. I DON'T WANT TO SOUND SENTIMENTAL BUT IT'S NOT JUST ACCOUNTS. LOOK AROUND HERE AT WHAT YOU HAVE." There's never any more than one quote per page, and a few blurry photos from the television show are sprinkled throughout. Other samples of quotes: "I'll put on my whites and we'll pretend it's V-J Day," "I TRY TO BE AS CIVILIZED AS YOU CAN BE," and "Dogs are winners." Are those wit, or are they wisdom? I can't tell.

Could anyone enjoy this book? Even if you like the TV show, I don't think you'd enjoy this book. It's literally just some lines lifted from the show. And it's $16.95. Just awful.