So the Republicans want our ideas for fixing America. Ok, they don't want OUR ideas (assuming you're all a bunch of hippie liberals like me). But they do have this website, and you can post ideas or vote on ideas other people have posted. Looks like a fair amount number* of liberals have already gotten on there and are suggesting radical things like respecting the separation of church and state.

Will it do any good? Probably not. According to Politics Daily:

The project chairman, Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California, said America Speaking Out will showcase "the common voice of the common man" and gather ideas "from all corners of America." People are free to suggest things like tax increases, he said, but those won't make it into legislation or a governing agenda.

Still, there's a certain satisfaction in voting down idiotic statements like "Abortion is not healthcare." So at the very least you can press the crap out of the "down vote" button.

(note, it takes a few seconds for each up or down vote to actually register, which is annoying.)

*UPDATE: My poor mother would be so ashamed. She's an English teacher.