Celebrating 1098's Failure: Steve Ballmer cashes out 75 million shares of Microsoft, to the the tune of $1.3 billion, in just the last three days.

Five Reasons Murray Won: They didn't even mention her SECB endorsement. Jerks.

Washington's Slow Ballot Counting: The Secretary of State favors adopting the Oregon system of requiring ballots to be received by election day.

Capitol Hill's Card Fraud Caper: Fixed and sort of solved. The Secret Service suspects someone outside of Washington and maybe even the country did it.

Tacoma Bank Fails: It's the 11th one to go bust in the state this year, the 143rd in the country. Mortgage fraud helped.

Bush Cops to Waterboarding: He claims one suspected terrorist told him to do it to others. Whatever helps you sleep at night, bub.

Drug Cartel Honcho Killed: Killed in Matamoros. Classes canceled at UT Brownsville due to "gunfire taking place across the Rio Grande." When do we get to win the "war," guys?

Chinese Dissident Artist Under House Arrest: The guy who did the Olympic Bird Nest and has an installation at the Tate Modern right now is prevented from attending a protest-y party.

Russian Reporter Beaten: Authorities call it attempted murder. He made the mistake of covering the opposition.