Couch Fest is adorable and awesome. You should go to it. I wrote about last year's here:

Couch Fest Films is an annual event (this was the second) in which intrepid, couch-having citizens invite other intrepid, butt-possessed citizens into their homes, to unite butts with couches and watch short films and be together in the name of awkward. Each house features a 30-minute- or-so program of shorts, repeated all day long. The films come from all over the world, with quite a few selections by terrific locals (Ben Kasulke, Brady Hall, Reel Grrls, the Beta Society). You sit on a couch, you meet some strangers, you talk about film, you eat a potato chip.

In the slightly drafty living room of the Documentary house, I ate a potato chip and met my first strangers. Aaron (laconic) and Keith (ebullient) were there "to meet people, do something quirky." We discussed Chuck Close, overhead projectors, cougars, the great Red Vines vs. Twizzlers debate), the even greater soda vs. pop debate, and The Stranger ("I look at it occasionally, if there's nothing else to read," Keith said, cheerily).

Click HERE to find all the information on where to go and what to bring and when and why.

(And for the record, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU TWIZZLER PEOPLE!?!?!? In what universe is stinky colored wax a viable foodstuff!? You should all be sent to an island or something. Woe betide you if I ever get a hold of an island!)