Hey Goldy,

I'm currently out in Grays Harbor County—where Charlie Wiggins is trailing State Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders by just 112 votes—but I can't stay disconnected from this crazy race (much to the annoyance of my traveling companion).

I'll add your "Wiggins Wins" call to the list, Goldy, and appreciate the kind words, but just for the bragging-rights record: Slog commenter michaelp, who has been tracking this contest in our comments with crazy in-depth math for the last few days, officially called the race for Wiggins on Friday at 9:31 p.m. If you're into this race, and also into nerding out with spreadsheets, you really need to follow michaelp's work, all of which you can see here.

Meanwhile, it looks like Justice Sanders has also done the math and come up with results that concern him. Here's an e-mail he sent to supporters on Friday afternoon:


Support The Stranger

Don't Let Wiggins Steal This Election

Dear Supporters,

Sanders vs. Wiggins is the closest race is the State and we need to fund the effort to get all the ballots counted.

Across Washington, there are an estimated 17,000 ballots that haven’t been counted because of issues with the signature or failure of the voter to sign. These ballots are being set aside, and not counted, and many of them are votes for Sanders.

The campaign has deployed teams of workers all over the State to chase down these Sanders votes and get them submitted properly to each County Auditor.

The campaign must also pay for phone calls to those who are likely to have voted for Sanders. This dual effort will cost around $10,000! Can you help us fund this battle?

Your contribution of $500, $250, $100, or even $50 will help pay for our ballot-chase teams, legal representatives and election observers.

You have been very generous with your time and money during this campaign. However, it’s not over — we must raise an additional $10,000 to ensure that Sanders is re-elected.

Please help protect this voice of liberty, property rights and the constitution on the Washington State Supreme Court. Make a contribution, today, the ensure that every Sanders vote is counted and Justice Sanders returns to the bench.


Friends of Justice Richard Sanders

P.S. Justice Sanders’ election for State Supreme Court is the closest race in the State! Although Justice Sanders is leading, his margin is very small and dropping, and we must chase down every Sanders vote that hasn’t been counted! Will you please make a contribution to Justice Sanders today to fund this crucial ballot chase effort?