State Legislators Ready for Cuts: The cuts discussed here are mainly healthcare services. What about the army of liquor control inspectors keeping the state safe from gay porn?

School Shake Up: West Seattle Elementary used federal money to add twelve new teachers and make reforms this year. Don't tell the teachers union or they might break out in hives.

Suicide Prevention Fence Proceeds for Aurora: More than 230 people have killed themselves by jumping off the Aurora Bridge, putting it second for suicides after only the Golden Gate Bridge. I'm still not entirely sure why people shouldn't be allowed to kill themselves.

Track Animals Online: Scientists want you to log animal sightings along I-90 on a website. Just don't do it on your smart phone while you are driving.

Seattle's Anti-Violence Initiative: Instituted in 2008, one of its key components is keeping kids engaged and off the streets. Sometimes this even means meeting with a Strongman competitor.

Survivor's Guilt: The former partner of slain policeman Timothy Brenton talks about the night they were shot and her life since.

Sweden Nabs Suspected Anti-Immigrant Shooter: The suspect is accused of injuring eight and killing one in Malmo since last fall. Too bad they couldn't just send Lisbeth Salander after him.

Iran Mentions New Nuclear Talks: Maybe this topic should have been broached before the elections and the House majority went to the Iran-baiters.

Obama's Second Day in India: He celebrated Diwali. Careful, y'all—it's just another part of his covert anti-Christian agenda!!

There Goes the Neighborhood: Queen Elizabeth is now on Facebook. Sort of.