Yeah, I know, not-crazy challenger Charlie Wiggins is still trailing oh-so-crazy incumbent State Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders by more than 13,000 votes, but over on HA this morning, I've kinda-sorta called the race for Wiggins.

Only kinda-sort, because the SOS's "Ballots on Hand" estimates are notoriously unreliable, and my spreadsheet is only as good as the data I feed into it, but if these numbers are roughly accurate, and the remaining ballots don't diverge much from those already counted (and there's no obvious reason why they should) then Wiggins will likely win by a 5,000 to 10,000 vote margin, maybe even a little more.

And if my projections hold, Wiggins should buy a round of drinks for Eli and the rest of the folks here at the Stranger, for there's no doubt that in an election this close, this publication's relentless and persuasive pounding on Justice Sanders record of racism ultimately cost the incumbent the election. Truth to power, and all that.