Concerning this:

Sarah Palin's as-yet-undeclared bid for the presidency has just received a stinging blow from none other than George W Bush.
Bush has told friends that Palin, the darling of the Tea Party and a rising Republican star, is not qualified to be President, according to reports.
The former President has also attacked John McCain as being 'less of a man' for putting Palin on the GOP ticket in 2008.

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...I refer you to this post, The Rise of the Tea Women:

Even if she loses, which is likely, Christine O'Donnell will certainly rise to become the third female superstar of the Tea Party—the other two being Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. A nutty and powerful political trinity will be formed, and eventually "The Tea Party's assault on establishment Republicans" will have the appearance of a gender division, a split between powerful men (the establishment) and powerful women (the rebels). I had accurately predicted the split in the GOP, but not at all foreseen this increasingly peculiar development along gender lines.

Palin, this is what Big Daddy Bush is rapping about:

"Get down on your motherfuckin' knees... Yeah, you fuckin' with some real O.G[OP]s."