Your lunch options just got a whole lot broader, thanks to a Popular Science article about eating non-traditional animals titled "Why I Eat Lion." Here's a little cooking guide at the bottom of the article:

Yak: cook at 56°C for 24 hours. Rich and gamey, with notes of duck.

Lion: 57°C for 24 hours. Tastes like pork but richer.

Black bear: 57°C for 3 hours. Tastes a little bloody and metallic. Younger bears are reportedly better.

Beaver tail: 60°C for 48 hours. Woodsy, delicious.

Duck, and birds that cook like duck (teal, widgeon): 57-58°C for 45 minutes to an hour for the breast. Braise the legs.

Squab: 56°C for 45 minutes for the breast. Braise the leg.

Raccoon: I recommend cooking raccoon in a traditional braise.

Beware: There is a photo of a crisped raccoon at the bottom of the story that will almost make you feel sorry for raccoons, who are the worst animals on Earth.