Parking Tax Showdown: Mayor McGinn vs. Seattle City Council.

Hello, Asia!: President Obama begins ten-day Asian tour.

Back to Work!: Keith Olbermann's lame suspension from MSNBC ends tomorrow.

The Nutcracker Lady o' Leavenworth, WA: The first guest on tonight's new Conan O'Brien show.

'Repeal Gay Ban Now': So says U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

Family Affair?: Everett couple accused of making their children help out with marijuana grow operation.

Good, Because That Shit's Disgusting: Trader Joe's recalls products with cilantro.

It Ain't a Party Till Something Explodes: Spokane partygoer killed by homemade explosives.

Amanda Knox: Indicted for slander by Italian court.

Sixth Time's a Charm?: Former Husky, NFL star arrested for sixth DUI.

Finally, today brings the birthday of not one, not two, but three amazing bluesy honky lady singers: Rickie Lee Jones (born on this day in 1954), Bonnie Raitt (born on this day in 1949), and Bonnie Bramlett, born on this day in 1944 and given the featured video spot because she once punched Elvis Costello in the face for calling Ray Charles a "blind, ignorant nigger." (Costello was "kidding," Bramlett's fist was not.)