The Dowager Duchess of Devonshire:

Her marriage lasted 62 years, surviving Andrew’s long bout with alcoholism, as well as his discreet dalliances. “It was absolutely fixed that we shouldn’t divorce or get rid of each other in any way,” the duchess said. “It’s completely different to Americans, who all divorce each other the whole time. Such a bore for everyone, having to say who’s going to have the dogs, who’s going to have the photograph books.”

Here's what Americans—if they want to bring the divorce rate down—need to reconcile themselves to: If you're with someone for decades and decades, and he or she only cheats on you twice or thrice, and he or she is considerate enough to be discreet about it, then your spouse is pretty good at being monogamous. We've got to stop sacrificing the good (otherwise solid marriages) on the altar of the perfect (complete sexual and emotional exclusivity, flawlessly executed, over the multi-decade course of a marriage).