Shared with me by a Slog tipper who wishes to remain anonymous:

Hello Friends of Justice Sanders,

I am writing because I am worried about the tone and language of your recent e-mail to supporters.

You are, rightly, worried that some voters may not have their vote counted because of technicalities with their signature. I am pleased you are seeking money in order to contact these voters and ensure their votes are counted. Though you will undoubtedly do this predominantly for your own voters, it's still a good thing to do.

However, your recent fund raising appeal about this effort began with the line: "Don't let Wiggins steal this election!" This is quite a statement, and quite an accusation against your opponent. Are you suggesting that the Wiggins campaign has some sort of control over the ballot-counting and signature-affirming? Are you suggesting they are using this control to deny rightful voters their representation? Do you have any evidence of these assertions? Or is your statement simply campaign lies for your own benefit, based on no facts whatsoever? (Funny enough, a complete lie in a campaign would be perfectly legal, thanks to Justice Sanders' opinion in Rickert v. Washington).

I'd love to hear from you when you have a chance.