...before he was for them. He campaigned against earmarks. Now, the junior senator from Kentucky says "he will fight for Kentucky's share of earmarks and federal pork."

Here's what I said about Rand Paul six days ago:

It will be especially interesting to watch Rand Paul in the Senate—we'll see if his Junior Dr. No schtick can work in the Senate as effectively as his dad has made it work in the House. People generally expect their senators to advocate for federal dollars for the state. If Paul tries to be as obstinate as he's been advertising, he'll quickly learn that what the people actually want and what the people say they want are two completely different things.

And Fnarf added this in the comments of that same post:

I'm absolutely certain that within a day or two the Republican leadership is going to sit Rand Paul down and explain to him that nobody gives a shit what he thinks, and he's going to do exactly as he is told.

Somebody buy Fnarf and I some drinks.