Hey, thanks Sen. Warner, for throwing your party's base under the bus!

WASHINGTON — Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) called for compromise and cooperation between Democrats and Republicans during remarks in Virginia on Monday, and equated the Tea Party movement on the right with progressive MoveOn.org activists.

"There's a super left on my party — the MoveOn crowd in my party — and the Tea Party crowd on the other party," he said after a meeting with tourism officials in Staunton, Va. "You know, they don't compromise. So I, for one, am — there are too many times I bit my lip in the first year, or bit my tongue. I'm done."


So, I guess if mock-giant-check-waving progressives like me are going to be branded by our own party leaders as just as extreme as the violent, meat-cleaver-wielding whackos on the far right, then I guess I might as well just live up to my reputation and send Sen. Warner a death threat while stomping on a teahadist head and shooting myself a couple of pro-lifers. I mean, if I'm as extreme as Sen. Warner implies I am, then that's the sorta violent, crazy thing I'd do, right?

Or is this what is known as a "false equivalency"...?

To be clear, Sen. Warner is equating the young woman with her head underneath the boot of a teabagger, to the angry, old cracker wearing the boot. And that just kinda pisses me off.