In Case You Missed It: Charlie Wiggins is defeating Richard Sanders in the race for State Supreme Court Position No. 6, and John T. Williams' knife was found closed after his fatal shooting by an SPD officer.

Shandy Cobane: "The Seattle police officer who yelled "beat the (expletive) Mexican piss out of you homey" before kicking a Latino man in the head is under investigation for misconduct again," reports KIRO.

Unidentified Flying Object: Military officials stumped by California mystery missile.

Not the Candy Bar (But Maybe That Too?): Big bubbles of energy found in middle of Milky Way.

RIP Four Loko?: The Washington State Liquor Control Board will vote today on whether to ban alcoholic energy drinks.

Corpses, Cancer Patients, and Diseased Lungs: Some of the deterrent imagery proposed for U.S. cigarette packing.

Anarchy in the WA: Forks High School students fight for the right to wear Sex Pistols T-shirts.

And finally, happy birthday to Miranda Lambert, the American country star born on this day in 1983. (She's a baby! Also, she's great.)