In which Grant Brissey listens to Delorean with an old lady, an aspiring rapper, and (almost!) a Panamanian:

Does this make you feel content?

Not yet. I'm sorry. Not yet. [Mocks the abstract noises the singer is making.] This music doesn't have the spirit of—what shall I say? It sounds like something at a funeral to me.

The voice that they're sampling?

Yeah. [Mocks the voice some more.] It has a beat that's okay, but in between... [Shakes her head.] I don't care for that. Go to the next.

Okay, next track.

[Listens.] I couldn't sit here with that beat. What am I going to be concentrating on? No way. I like classic music. I can put on music I have here and read my books and play my puzzles, but not this.

Too distracting?

Sure is. Can't do it. Get a good headache.

Okay, next track.

Same old beat. Do you have anything else? I can't listen to that anymore. I can't listen to that beat. I got this one guy, this black guy, I got his music here, and he's got all these drums going, and I can't listen to that too long.

Should we put on Donny Hathaway? Let's put on your Donny Hathaway.

[She nods happily as Delorean comes out of the CD player and Donny Hathaway goes in.] This is beautiful. Isn't that good music? You can sit back and just relax. It's beautiful.

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