Justice Richard B. Sanders made it clear to the Associated Press today that he's not officially conceding his race against former appeals court judge Charlie Wiggins just yet. But, at the same time, his campaign has sent an e-mail to supporters that admits what's been clear for some time now.


End of the trail

It looks like we're coming to the end of the campaign trail. After the latest numbers were released yesterday, I am now behind by about 4,500 votes out of nearly two millions votes cast, 49.9% to 50.1%. The campaign experts say that we are unlikely to make up that difference as the counties finish their tally over the next few days.

I want to particularly thank the many volunteers and more than a thousand donors who helped my campaign, not to mention the 930,000 voters who made good choices.

Charlie Wiggins and I had dozens of debates and on those occasions he showed the same intelligence and professionalism that I had seen before when he argued before the Court. I am sure he will be a good Justice, but of course he does not share my perspective on many issues. I have offered him my congratulations and promised him my 100% support for his new position.

I know that my supporters want someone on the Court who protects individual liberty, whether it's the right to privacy or the right to own and use property, or our dozens of other rights guaranteed in the Constitution. These are the things which make us free. They are essential to all of us—defendant and judge—liberal and conservative.

It has been a great honor to serve the people of Washington on their Supreme Court. I intend to stay involved, to participate in public life and to speak out on the issues that confront our justice system. I guess there’s some truth in the saying, “old lawyers never die, they just lose their appeal.”

God bless you all.