Video by Jeff Albertson

I've never been an absolutist when it comes to reunion/nostalgia tours—some are good, some are bad, and it has everything to do with the band, the material, and how they play the whole situation. I'd take a reunited-with-no-new-material Pavement than a won't-stop-can't-stop Smashing Pumpkins Billy Corgan any day (I understand what he means, still don't give a fuck). So the past year or so of mostly '90s mostly indie rock reunions has been great for me. No qualms here except for when's the Jawbreaker reunion and how come nobody booked Cap'n Jazz out here over the summer and for fuck's sake, Seattle, please get your shit together and don't make the same mistake with Pulp.

And, of course, part of the reason I'm so wholeheartedly behind some of these reunions is that I never got a chance to see the acts the first time around. Such is the case with Galaxie 500, a band I never even heard until around the year 2000 (via their cover of Joy Division's "Ceremony"), a full decade after they'd broken up. Last night, Galaxie 500 frontman Dean Wareham played a set of the band's songs (backed by a full band including wife/collaborator Britta Phillips), and it was everything I could have hoped for. Even if I did only catch the tail end of "Snowstorm" due to a bum tip about set times.

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