You could be thankful you're not the new managing director of Intiman, who has to sort out the old managing director's mess.

Come to think of it, you should be thankful you're not the old managing director who is, at this point, probably frozen in a position of permanent cringe. Nobody has said exactly why and how Brian Colburn wrecked Intiman's finances, but his "sudden departure" for "personal reasons" is starting to look like he was extraordinarily checked out for a long, long time.

The Times has dug in and gotten more specifics about exactly how screwed the theater is:

The financially troubled Intiman Theatre plans to reduce its $2.3 million debt through negotiations with creditors and budget-cutting, said the company's acting managing director, Melaine Bennett...

Intiman hopes to end 2010 with more cash on hand and its debt reduced by about $300,000, said Bennett. Achieving that would mean quickly raising $800,000 in ticket revenue and donations. (The company is running a production of "The Scarlet Letter," and in December will present the popular holiday show "Black Nativity," at the Moore Theatre.)

The theater, which has operated this year on a $5.5 million budget, will also trim expenses by at least 20 percent in 2011. "Both the board and staff have agreed that if we need to do more cutting, we will," said Bennett.