Christo's proposing to suspend fabric over a stretch of the Arkansas River located near Salida, Colorado—no word yet on what color—and the town is in an uproar.

“As soon as this is made public, people are going to start Googling Salida,” a Salina business owner who wants the tourism dollars told the New York Times.

Other Salida people say this would signal the destruction of a whole secluded way of life.

Christo says the debate is part of the art.

The debate will probably be the most interesting thing about the art. Even if the fabric goes up over the river, people will only Google Salida, Colorado, for a little while. But Salida, Colorado, will probably start Googling itself for good. And that's already begun. Salida's Chamber of Commerce website introduces the town with this rhetorical loop-de-loop:

Sweetly unpretentious” that’s Salida. We wouldn't say that ourselves, of course. Those are the words Outside Magazine used to describe Salida in 2004 as one of their “Dream Towns and Adventure Hideouts.” You might agree.

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