The New Dawn of Black Friday: Retailers across the nation open Thanksgiving night in the latest gimmick to get people fighting over half-price barbies and plasma televisions.

Armed and Paranoid: Roving Skyway shooting suspect has a gun, wheels, and a history of mental illness.

On the Brink of War: North Korea continues to fire artillery—this time in its own territory—after attacking a South Korean island on Tuesday and killing four people. Meanwhile, political sage Sarah Palin says we must stand in solidarity with our North Korean allies.

Bigger Battles to Fight: South Korea declares war on Alzheimer's.

Give Students Cash: An argument for getting the state out of the liquor higher education business.

Two Coconuts and a Seagull: Three teenagers lost at sea for 50 days are found alive.

TSA Crisis Averted: Anecdotal evidence points to scattered use of full body scanners—and fewer fliers in general—at airports during the pre-Thanksgiving flying rush.

Colonize the Moon! One of Saturn's 62 moons, Rhea, is found to have oxygen in its atmosphere.

And Finally: Hungover owls.