I am currently a senior college guy with one major dilemma I'm not sure how to deal with. I feel like being the fucking genius that you are, you'd be able to help me out.

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They say college is the time to experiment and try new things. And I'm all for it. There's one thing I've wanted to try that I haven't tried yet. Sex. With. A. Girl. But of course... there's a catch.

I'm a huge butt pirating gay queer. I love me some penis, and I'm working on the whole coming out thing. One of my closest friends is kind of a whore. And by that I mean she approached me at the bar the other week and asked me to have sex with her before graduation. She has no idea I fuck boys.

Now I'm totally for it, and it would strictly be sex and we both know it. We are both very sexual people so I can definitely see this happening. So my question is: Should I tell her I'm a flaming queer before we do it? Some of my friends say just do her while others think I'm an asshole for even considering it. What should I do?

Confused Heteromosexual

P.S. Thanks for the It Gets Better Project. Its really helped me realize life is going to be ok after coming out, even with ridiculously conservative parents who have already told me they'll disown me if I choose an "alternative lifestyle."

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My response after the jump...


If you've been out there pirating boy butt all through college, CH, I'm thinking your closest friends—including this girl—know you're a huge butt pirating gay queer homo cocksucking faggot sissy fudge packing swishbuckler.

So why would this girl hit on you if she knows you're gay? It could be that she enjoys a challenge, CH, or it's possible that this girl isn't quite as sexual a person as she's lead her friends to believe and publicly tossing herself at guys she can't have/guys who won't have her allows her to maintain her "highly sexual" cred without actually having to fuck anybody. Or she may be one of those straight chick who are into gay dudes. Or she may know you're out there fucking boys, is tired of you lying to her about your sexuality, and hit on you to call your bluff.

Or she may not know you're gay and just wants to fuck you.

Whatever's up with her, CH, here's what you do: come out to her officially and then ask if her offer still stands. If she aks why a huge butt pirating gay queer swishbuckling cockhound like you wants to sleep with a hugely sexual vagina-haver like her, just tell her the truth: you're sincerely curious about heterosexual sex. And you're in college and college is about sexual experimentation. So if not now, when? And if not her, who?

Use a condom.

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