The holiday season has arrived, people! Everything is covered in fake snow and lights, stores are desperately slashing prices so you can go overspend on shit people probably don't really need/want anyway. Hooray for the holidays! But there are plenty of good things that happen this time of year, and not all of them involve spending money and gorging on baked goods. Earlier this week lilmonster206 asked Questionland: "What kind of Christmas festivities happen in the city?" A few suggestions were given, but Musely gave her favorite answer:

Gingerbread village at Sheraton downtown
Christmas lights at Marymoor Park
Ice skating at Seattle Center as part of their Winterfest
A Holiday Carousel is set up at Westlake Park in Downtown Seattle.

For their great question and answer, both lilmonster206 and Musely get a $25 gift card to Pagliacci Pizza. Free pizza! Maybe they'll put the pepperoni on in the shape of a snowman.

Have some winter suggestions? Or want to get your own pizza? Go share some questions and answers and maybe you'll be a winner, too!