Corrected on Monday, 29 November 2010 at 5:43 p.m. An older version of the post said, as a result of incorrect info from the Deputy Mayor, that McGinn did not know that the SoDo housing site was contaminated; the original Seattle Times article has been updated as a result of new information from the Mayor.

Nickelsville move: The SoDo site that Nickelsville was going to move to is poisoned; petroleum byproducts and a toxic cleaning solvent were found in the groundwater. UPDATE: McGinn says he chose the site knowing that a city consultant had said it was contaminated more than a year ago, but Deputy Mayor Darryl Smith says they'll hire their own consultant to determine the site's livability. A preliminary evaluation by a Mayor-hired consultant found "no major issues" with the site.

Sorry the Deputy Mayor bungled up the info.

Hanford security downgraded: Since the last weapons-grade material was removed from Hanford, many of its security measures have been canceled. Gift shop and theme park to come?

Dead bodies: Hiker finds man’s rotting corpse off an Olympic National Park beach.

Mace in the face!: Three people hurt in a SoDo nightclub fight. Some security guards were breaking it up when someone proceeded to spray a whole lot of mace everywhere, which really made the club start bumping. Someone bumped through a wall, in fact.

Haiti polls open, but a cholera outbreak has further messed up the country. There’s nothing like living in Haiti to make you wonder, “is it all really worth it?” The fact that Haitians continue to sweat and toil through life is damn inspiring.

Dragon diplomacy: Following up on ominously high-flown South Korean and North Korean public statements of scrappiness, China calls for snap six-party talks.

Shaking up the food chain: After those pesky dinosaurs died off, mammals started growing faster than a French goose’s liver. Cue the chauvinistic music. Mammal PRIDE!

Finally: Alaskans have a lot of gonorrhea.