I'm trying something new; instead of giving daily rundowns, I'm just going to tell you on Sunday which readings this week will be worth your time. It actually works out well this week, because there are very few events in general, as we're moving into Christmas and bookstores are giving themselves over to the retail onslaught.

First up, Jack Shoemaker reads at Elliott Bay Book Company on Monday. The legendary Counterpoint Press editor will discuss his experiences championing the work of great authors like Beryl Markham and M.F.K. Fisher, Wendell Berry, Ann Pancake, and Peter Lewis. You can read a profile of Jack Shoemaker at Narrative to learn why he's so important.

The other big readings are on Wednesday. Jack Straw Gallery will host Matt Briggs and our own Charles Mudede. Briggs has a new novel out called The Strong Man, but this isn't a reading for that book. This is a screening of the movie Lessons of Darkness, featuring a discussion between the first winner of The Stranger Genius Award for Literature and half of the teamthat won The Stranger's newest Genius Award for film.

And then at the Good Shepherd Center, there is a hippie-looking event; "a night of storytelling, music, and art, in celebration of Seattle's trees," including a documentary and appearances by people including Sally Bagshaw and Ed Skoog. I will always love Ed Skoog readings, even if they are just about trees (in part because Ed Skoog simply can't just read about trees; I guarantee that he'll go all over the map and back again in this reading, and you'll be a better person for listening to him). Plus, you can buttonhole Sally Baghaw and let her know all about your pet political cause. This sounds like a winning proposition to me.

If you want to know every event going on this week, check out the reading calendar.

(Updated to add M.F.K. Fisher's last name.)

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