Much about the world we live in was predicated by the Dark Angel, a short-lived and mostly forgotten bio-punk TV show that first aired a decade ago and happened in a Seattle that's now a decade in the future. For example, the Wikileaks of today is prefigured as the Streaming Freedom Report, a guerilla news network that dumps damaging news about corrupt politicians, military officials, and corporations. The operation is run by Eyes Only (Logan Cale), a fictional cyber-journalist who will materialize as Julian Assange in our reality.


Logan is a cyber-journalist under the pseudonym of Eyes Only. He uses his knowledge of computer technology to bring down corrupt power brokers of the new millennium in a Post-Pulse Unites States. Logan hacks into television cable networks and delivers his scathing video messages, which usually last exactly 60 seconds and "cannot be traced and cannot be stopped". Logan often refers to Eyes Only is the third person, even when talking to people in the know.
As for "the pulse" which slides the USA from the top of the First World into the middle of the Third Word, we know what that is. The show also predicted THEESatisfaction—they are Original Cindy:
This is what Matthew Stadler and I wrote about the show in 2001.