The opulent mansion of Alexander Mendes da Silva—one of the biggest drug traffickers in Brazil—was raided on Friday by 800 soldiers, and guess what they found? I mean, besides drugs? THIS!

Guys? Were going to need a bigger what the fuck.
  • "Guys? We're going to need a bigger what the fuck."

A humongous Justin Bieber mural! SEE? I'm not the only adult in the world that has an unhealthy interest in this multi-talented pop mega-star, and... and... okay, that mural is super weird and creepy. People get tortured and murdered in that room, and the last thing they see before they die is their own blood swirling down the drain, and that picture of Justin Bieber. So Alexander? YOU'RE OFFICIALLY OUT OF THE CLUB!! (And I'm unfollowing you on Twitter.)