As I reported last week, rumors were circulating about the possible closure of the Neptune Theater. At the time, Landmark had no comment.

Today, they sent out this official statement:

“We will cease operation of the Neptune in February 2011. It saddens us to leave this historical landmark in Seattle.”

- Ted Mundorff, Chief Executive Officer of Landmark Theatres

Over the weekend, a Landmark employee, who asked to remain anonymous, told me:

Apparently STG is taking it over and turning it into a music/performance venue of some sort. Fucking lame.

And here's a link to the building permit, filed by STG, which cites “Tenant improvement of existing movie theater into live music theater/nightclub.” (Thanks, Slog tipper Susan.)

Fucking lame indeed. But at least maybe this means the marquee will stay up? I love that trident thingy. More information as I know more.

Also, credit to Amy DeZellar, who broke the story on her blog last week.