Anchorage Daily News:

BP announced Tuesday it is suspending work on the most critical piece of its $1.5 billion Liberty oil field development in the Beaufort Sea — a massive drilling rig.

BP said it needs to begin a broad engineering review of the rig to address a number of problems that have arisen during the rig's construction on a man-made island.

"We've gotten to the point that we need to step back, take a time out and make sure that all of these systems, including some critical safety systems, are just like they need to be," said BP spokesman Steve Rinehart.

....Liberty is considered one of the most advanced deep-water drilling projects in the world because it requires drilling the world's longest wells — eight miles long and two miles deep. It's the biggest oil development project under way in Alaska.

All of this caution, this stepping back, these concerns about safety would not be in existence if the Gulf of Mexico catastrophe was not in existence. "...BP will apply any lessons it has learned from the Deepwater rig accident to the Liberty project." Socialist Alaska, count your lucky stars.